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uncommon combi of



Coming Up

27th Feb: POP/Fac Dance Competition!
28th Feb: JTS @Greenwood Ave
28rd March: ARES Fac CIP @CCAB
17th April: Faculty Outing
25th/26th April: Huang Cheng 2009
8th May: GEMS [ice skating@kallang]
13th May: Class photo-taking
20th May: Combined Sports Meet
1st June: H2 H.Geog Holiday Lecture
4th June: re-paint class bench
7th August: STJ @ Astons, Centrepoint
8th Dec: Class Outing @ ECP!

3rd Feb: Senior Meet Junior
12 Feb: CNY Celebrations & POP for J1s

Test Schedule

Term 1
11 Jan: H2 Mathematics
Week 6 during tutorial: H2 Economics
11 Feb: H2 CSE
TBA: H2 Geography
22 Feb: H2 History
Week 8/9: H1 & H2 CSC
12 Mar: GP for BLOCK TEST 1

Term 2
22 - 26 March: BLOCK TEST 1


GP Portal
Econs blog





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Friday, December 3, 2010

hello 09A12,

i'm here to revive this dead dead blog o.o anyway, now that A levels are over, prom is coming, the guys are enlisting....


ideas / suggestions / already have a plan - please start posting here, or drop me a message on msn.

in the mean time,

for those of you who've yet to find stuff for prom, good luck over the remaining days in your "exciting" hunt ;

for those of you not going for prom, you should consider coming to visit those who are, hahaha. class photo! :D

i'm already missing hwachong :( went past school yesterday while on the bus, and there was this sad feeling that we're really out of that place and into the real world... AND IT'S ONLY 2 DAYS SINCE THE A LEVELS ENDED. haiz.

ok on a happier note, hope to see most of you people at prom, even if you're not having dinner and all, but just drop by :) hahahaha.

cheers, shen yang

we rocked @ 1:31 AM

Friday, June 4, 2010

things to do during june hols:

General Paper-
* 2004 compre
* 2007 compre

(more compre with answers on isp, workbin)
* some essays
* I&
I: pg 6,20,29,36,41
* collect essay from ms lee's pigeon hole from 3rd june

* block test 2: 2 case studies, tested till oligopoly
* consultation slots on 16th may

* sampling tutorial
* block test 2: topics tested can be found on the cover page of revision package

* block test 2:
topics tested for human geography
~ DRQ: Urbanisation and The Central City
~ Essay: Globalisation (tutorials 1 and 2)
topics tested for physical geography
~ DRQ #1: Litho part 2; 2.1-2.3
~ DRQ #2: Atmo part 1; 1.1-1.5
~ Essay: Hydro

we rocked @ 5:38 PM

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Am updating for the sake of those who are not in class today and ytd:

6th Apr
we were split into grps and allocated essay qns from bt to work on. Were given the teachers' bulletin at the end of the lesson. O mr chan and mrs lim sat in for lesson observation
-econs (lecture)
we started and finished intro on market structure and started abit on profits.
-econs (tut)
we did rovers merger with Honda question and essay one. Thursday going thru essay 2.

7th Apr
continued with bt essay review. Kaiqi and guochang presented :)
next week to bring time tunnel with all the work given to be finished, corrections for essay and jas, yihong and aina to do indiv presentations for next week :p
finished tutorial
-math (lecture)
started on probability
dr hon set ground rules on the issue about respect. Mrs foo went through the a level registration with us...
We checked the registration slips too. Helped y'all check Le;)

we rocked @ 1:38 PM

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hey peeps!!
haha, sorry for the dead blog! am kinda busy + lazy to post updates every day... can i do it after June? when i will be more focused on school work. meanwhile, if there's anything you want me to help you with.. i will TRY k!

jiayou! (lol actually i am like the one failing tests now... nevertheless...)


p.s: is hotmail not working today? and smb too? D:

we rocked @ 9:45 PM

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Homebased learning HW + Others

1. GP
You are to complete a total of 3 short assignments—a political literacy quiz on ISP, a political compass quiz online and a reflections exercise. Please complete the assignments in the order stated below.
  • Political Literacy Quiz - Access the online quiz titled C2 Political Literacy Quiz at http://isp.hci.edu.sg > e‐learning > online tests > General Paper H1. (The quiz will be available from 1800h on 26 February 2010 to 2359h on 2 March 2010.)
    Next, gauge your current level of political literacy. (Refer to PDF doc on Learning Board, Page 4.)

  • Political Compass Quiz - Access the online quiz at http://www.politicalcompass.org/> Take the test (refer to the left navigation bar)

  • Reflections (Refer to PDF doc on Learning Board, Page 5.)
2. Math
-E-learning: PPT slides and assignment (by 030310) on Learning Board

-Tutorial 10c
-E-Learning: MUST MUST see Learning Board for instructions. Attendance taken for this! >-<

3. Econs

-E-Learning: See Learning Board


-E-Learning: Go into '2010 Home-based Learning C2 H2 Economics' workbin in the ISP. Download the slide show and follow the instructions given in the slides.

4. CSC
-E-learning: See Learning Board (by 090310)

-E-learning: See Learning Board. D: (by 050310)

4. CSE
E-learning: See Learning Board (by 020310, 5pm)

5. History
-Please refer to this website for your history e learning lesson >> http://hcjc.visitmybox.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=12 .
  • Use your mouse and block out the entire e lesson. Copy the entire elesson.
  • Click on the "New Reply thread"
  • Then click 'paste' on your mouse.
  • Once you have completed the e lesson, send your reply over. Remember to type in the image verification first before sending.
6. CLL

7. PE
Healthy Eating and Weight Management Quiz >> http://isp.hc.edu.sg/surveys/dosurvey.asp?ID=523

we rocked @ 6:59 PM

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb 23
1. GP
-AQ skills
-Esther and Felicia's Presentations <3

To prepare for Feb 24
1. GP
-AQ worksheet given out today

2. Others:
-MOOOOLAAAAAHHHH!!! for printing of notes for respective subjects
-hehe more cny goodies anyone??

Edit for Feb 22's updates:
-GP: TIme Tunnel
(i) Section one + respective group's section to be completed by Week 10 (this is the 8th), must finish refelctions and response part.
(ii) Choose TWO more section of reflections and response to do (after BT1)

-Math H2 (lecture): fnished example 3 of 10c

we rocked @ 9:03 PM

Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 22
1. Math H2 (Mr. Yeow)
-Tutorial 10b (Till question 7)

2. Math H2 (Lecture)
-Finished 10b
-Started 10c till Example 3 (?-sorry dun have it with me now... will update tmr)

3. Math H1
-Did normal distribution up to example 10

4. History
-SEA tutorial topic: intl organizations/third world debt
-Lecture on SBQ

5. GP
-Presentations (Chiaz and Cynthia)
-Instructions on TIme Tunnel
(i) Section one + respective group's section to be completed by Week 10 (this is the 8th), must finish refelctions and response part.
(ii) Choose one more section of reflections and response to do (after BT1)

6. CSC H2 (liu yan yan laoshi)
-Goal setting thingy
-3 readings + Mindmap

To prepare for Feb 21
1. Econs H2 (Tut)
-those 3 graphs
-Essay qn 2 for those who have not done

2. Others:
-CNY PARTY!!!! <3<3<3

we rocked @ 8:53 PM